Love your weight, Love your body, love yourself…

The time is now!

  • Do you take care of everyone else but yourself?
  • Do you want to feel better about your body?
  • Are you frustrated by all the confusing “diets” out there?
  • Do you need that sugar or caffeine fix to get through the day?
  • Do you just wish you could take more time for YOURSELF?

Are you ready for a change and to enjoy healthy eating
and taking better care of yourself?


profile picIf you’re like most busy people, you are very good at devoting your time to taking care of everyone around you while trying to eat food that is healthy; however, you haven’t quite figured out how to devote more time to yourself without feeling guilty and if you should eat the no fat, less fat or low carb meal. You’re doing all the right things: committing to your family and your job, running errands, eating foods that society says are “healthy” for you, squeezing in exercise for 30 minutes..or not (oh wait, now they say 60 minutes – who has the time?), but everyday you still feel burnt-out and unhealthy.

Now, before you read any further, there’s nothing wrong with you!  I have been where you are.  We live in a fast-paced world that creates more demands, more information, more conflicting diet messages, more fast food, and just more ways to distract you from really listening to what YOU, your body and your mind truly need.

With today’s schedules, it can seem daunting to take exceptionally good care of ourselves.  Everywhere we go there’s fast food, chain restaurants, energy drinks, coffee and sweets on almost every corner.  You may be trying really hard not to eat some of these foods, but when your schedule gets tough to handle, and your time may seem limited to cook at home, these foods can be very difficult to stay away from. And when you do eat them, you end up beating yourself up with many negative thoughts.

What about relaxingYou’re probably saying, who has time for that?  Or, I’ll do that when I go on vacation.  Work schedules are getting longer, family demands are higher, and errands never seem to end.  Before you know it, the day has flown by and you end up saying to yourself, “I really need some “ME” time!”

There is a solutionYou can eat delicious foods, have healthy energy that lasts throughout the day and easily create more “me” time without guilt.  Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing.  If you approach it in a way that is simple, easy and fun, it will bring long lasting results.

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